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Request a Screening

The movie is about 63 minutes long and available for rental in DVD and online formats. The screening fee structure is outlined below. Please read through the options, fill out and submit the form, and we will get back to you to help you plan your screening. Thank you!

Screening Fees

Complimentary for high schools, public libraries, and Liberian community groups.
$100 - $300 (sliding scale) for community-based organizations.
$300 for institutions of higher education.

In addition to a screening of the movie, you might want to include:

  • A Q & A with the film director, an artist featured in the movie, and/or a member of the organization (Philadelphia Folklore Project) that produced the film:  $250 per person
  • An acapella performance by the singers featured in the movie:  $1000
  • A performance with both singers and drummers: $1500

Out of town screenings will require the host to cover travel and accommodation expenses.
Details to be discussed. 

To schedule a screening, please email with information about your event.